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Special Purposes & LEO Evaluation

Instruction & Seminars

Law Enforcement Dog Training

Acadia Canine Academy offers the evaluation of your canine and law enforcement dog training on proper handling of canines in Special Purposes and Law Enforcement fields. This evaluation and instruction can be to reduce personal and/or municipal liability in the event that your canine is deployed as a tool against another human being. Learn about the continuum of force and how to properly deploy your canine and withdraw your canine so that you do not find yourself on the wrong end of either civil or criminal law in this litigious society that we find ourselves in. A canine out of control equates to “excessive force” claims by the person who was considered a perpetrator whom now claims he or she is a victim. 

Acadia Canine Academy has provided many canines to Law Enforcement Agencies and for personal protection purposes in the Security Industry in the Albany, NY, area and beyond. Our canines have graduated as top dogs in their law enforcement dog training certifications courses as they were trained to a very high standard by Acadia Canine Academy.

cops with dog
cop and dog

We have visited and trained with KNPV Royal Dutch Police Dog Association Clubs in The Netherlands where we have imported a number of our dogs from. KNPV Royal Dutch Police Dog work is by far the most advanced police dog training in the world.


Next is Israel with (IDF) Israeli Defense Forces Canines. One of the foremost Israeli trainers is Arkadi Shulman and his work with Belgium Malinois. This video is worth the viewing:


Be proactive; call Acadia Canine Academy in Ravena, New York, to inquire about our seminars to secure law enforcement dog training on improving your training program.

Do not get caught with your head in the toilet. Call us and inquire about our seminars for your agency. We also can do individual evaluations, tests and recommendations for your K9 teams so that your canines can better serve you, your clients, and the public.

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