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Dutch Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Kingston, NY

Acadia Canine Academy acquired a new Dutch Shepherd stud dog on Thanksgiving Day. He passes our critical standards for breeding! Excellent instinctual drive levels. PennHIP evaluation resulted in a Distraction Index of 0.29 equating to Excellent/Symmetrical Hips.
His name is El Diablo Von Acadia Haus. 

We suggest that you make your reservation for a puppy from our next special breeding (2024) NOW!!! Bella Von Acadia Haus just began her Proestrus period on 02/12/2024. She will be bred to El Diablo Von Acadia Haus on 02/25/2024. Pups will arrive in 57-63 days thereafter. Don't miss out on this special breeding. Get your deposit in with a completed Puppy Registration Form. Both of these breeding Dutchies are of superior quality in their genetics and structure. These pups will be in high demand for dog sport, personal protection, and great family members. Good dogs do not last for those who hesitate. We are going to be very selective about whom we sell our pups to. Don't find yourself on a waiting list until next year or longer. Next breeding will not be until 2025! This is a super breeding pair of Dutch Shepherds. 


At Stud
El Diablo Von Acadia Haus

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Bella Von Acadia Haus had an Embark DNA Profile test done with the results revealing that Breed Relevant Genetic Conditions, (5) five variants, were not detected. Further analysis of additional genetic conditions (229) two-hundred twenty-nine variants were not detected. These findings are wonderful and attest to Bella's breed worthiness.