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ONE MALE PUP LEFT, CALL TO INQUIRE ASAP! Pup is named Achilles Von Acadia Haus (Aki) and is now 4 1/2 months old and has been consistantly trained.

One Male, and One Female Delivered on 05/18/2023! 
Next Year, We Hope To Do a Live Breeding With Bella and Have a Larger Litter Count of Pups. Don't Hesitate To Put in Your Reservation NOW!!!
See bottom of page for up-to-date photos & video of Aki 

Dutch Shepherd Puppy For Sale in Kingston, NY

We suggest that you make your reservation for a puppy from our next special breeding (next year) NOW!!! These pups will be in hig
h demand for dog sport, personal protection, and great family members. Good dogs do not last for those who hesitate. We are going to be very selective about whom we sell our pups to. Don't find yourself on a waiting list until next year or longer.

Bella Von Acadia Haus had an Embark DNA Profile test done with the results revealing that Breed Relevant Genetic Conditions, (5) five variants, were not detected. Further analysis of additional genetic conditions (229) two-hundred twenty-nine variants were not detected. These findings are wonderful and attest to Bella's breed worthiness.

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DAM- Bella Von Acadia Haus


FCI Registry#: FCPR.RI.HD22.690



Bella is a super high drive, 60 lb., Brindle colored, Dutch Shepherd. We trained Bella at 6 months old in our Board & Train Program for a client who had no idea of what he had for a dog. The owner was the average pet owner, but Bella was and is the Lamborghini of working dogs. I have never seen a dog as fast as Bella in all respects. Two weeks after Bella's return to Brooklyn, New York from our Board & Train Program, the owner called us and asked us if we wanted Bella because she was too much dog for him. Bella had super high defense drive, similar to PTSD, due to trauma from a prong collar at a young age! The owner was unable to walk the streets of Brooklyn with Bella without Bella wanting to attack anyone who approached them, outsiders to her pack. This was not fear based in any manner. Bella is a very confident, courageous dog, with steady nerves. Bella was a warrior to have survived the barbaric brutality of the excessive use of a prong collar that rendered her with scar tissue around her neck and damage to her larynx. She recovered nicely. If I was doing IGP competition, Bella is a dog that I could go to the top with her unbelievable instinctual drives. I have had her since she was 7 months old and she is highly trained in obedience and protection. She is the epitome of what a protection dog should be and a superior pack member in the home. At 2 years old, I had her hips and elbows x-rayed to determine if she was breed-worthy. Elbows came back NORMAL, and her hip x-rays were submitted for analysis by Penn Hip standards, and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). OFA rating was GOOD, and Penn Hip, EXCELLENT. Her pedigree lineage was unimportant to me as I knew what I was looking at with her instinctual drives, a superior specimen of the Dutch Shepherd Breed. Have no idea of her pedigree but that is inconsequential when you really know what you have for a dog in front of you with my vast experience. Bella is a prize and will produce excellent progeny with the correct Sire stud dog. Hence, after much research for a genetically sound, proven, stud dog,  I was referred by a friend in Belgium to another gentleman in Belgium, who in turn referred me to a gentleman in The Netherlands by the name of Jack Steinstra, of Le Dobry Kennel. Jack has superior quality Dutch Shepherds that he has been breeding since 2000, that have been proven in the dog sport of Schutzhund IGP. Jack demonstrates what breeding superior Dutch Shepherds should be by doing DNA profiles, hip and elbow ratings and further health testing to ensure good health. Through considerable communications with Jack for about a month, Jack came to a determination of a good match to breed Bella to which was his IGP competition dog, Holland Vato Loco v. Le Dobry.

Bella's Hip & Elbow Certifications

Bella OFA Hips.jpeg
Bella OFA Elbows.jpg
Bella Penn 1.jpeg
Bella Penn Hip.jpg

SIRE-  Holland Vato Loco v. Le Dobry


Dutch Registry#: NHSB-3105811



Holland Vato Loco v. Le Dobry Scores

IGP1 99-92-100
IGP 2 86-96-98
IGP 3 86-96-95

Dog Information Holland Vato Loco van le Dobry


Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Variety: short-haired

Bred in: RvB  / FCI

Nickname: Croco

Date of birth: 06.12.2017 (5 Years)

Height / Weight: no data cm / 36.00 kg

Pedigree number: NHSB 3105811

Chip number: 28140000706876 NLD

Breeders’ association: VVHH

Result: fokgeschikt

Working cert.: BH, IGP 1, IGP 2, IGP 3

Dog Information Holland Vato Loco van le Dobry

Vato Loco Pedigree.jpeg
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