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Private Dog Training Classes in New York


Private Instruction

8-week Basic Obedience

8-week, one-on-one dog training & individual obedience training: $2,784.00+tax

Our private dog training classes are designed to educate the owner and teach the dog the skills of elementary obedience training. This course welcomes puppies from age 5 months and up. The one-on-one dog training course is an 8-week program. You will learn how to teach your dog basic commands and how to solve behavior problems such as excessive barking, unwanted jumping and aggression toward other dogs.

This course coaches you through one-on-one private lessons to train your dog and any other dog in the fundamentals of basic obedience. Our private dog training classes will teach you how to identify behavioral issues that the canine has and how to work the canine through those issues. This course is for (2) two hours for each day of each week of the full (8) eight weeks for people who have the ability to travel to training one day a week at our facility and train for (2) two hours of dedicated training. Arrangements can be made for this personalized training to be done at your home but will involve an additional fee for travel time of trainer. (Call to inquire for an estimate of travel time involved.)

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Private Instruction

The Curriculum


Teaching your dog to walk calmly by your side without "pulling".


Teaching your dog to sit on command and to remain in the sitting position until the owner gives the OK command.


Teaching your dog to lay down on command and stay until the OK command.


This command can be given from either the sit position or the down position and it signifies to the dog that the handler is walking away and that he must remain where he is until the owner gives the OK command.


Your dog will learn to come directly to you and sit when he is called. This is the only exercise in the basic obedience course taught off-leash.


Private Instruction & Obedience