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Private Dog Training Classes in New York

pack of German Shepherds

Private Instruction

8-week Basic Obedience

8-week, one-on-one dog training & individual obedience training: $2,784.00+tax

Our private dog training classes are designed to educate the owner and teach the dog the skills of elementary obedience training. This course welcomes puppies from age 5 months and up. The one-on-one dog training course is an 8-week program. You will learn how to teach your dog basic commands and how to solve behavior problems such as excessive barking, unwanted jumping and aggression toward other dogs.

This course coaches you through one-on-one private lessons to train your dog and any other dog in the fundamentals of basic obedience. Our private dog training classes will teach you how to identify behavioral issues that the canine has and how to work the canine through those issues. This course is for (2) two hours for each day of each week of the full (8) eight weeks for people who have the ability to travel to training one day a week at our facility and train for (2) two hours of dedicated training. Arrangements can be made for this personalized training to be done at your home but will involve an additional fee for travel time of trainer. (Call to inquire for an estimate of travel time involved.)

2007 North American dog training competition

Private Instruction

The Curriculum


Teaching your dog to walk calmly by your side without "pulling".


Teaching your dog to sit on command and to remain in the sitting position until the owner gives the OK command.


Teaching your dog to lay down on command and stay until the OK command.


This command can be given from either the sit position or the down position and it signifies to the dog that the handler is walking away and that he must remain where he is until the owner gives the OK command.


Your dog will learn to come directly to you and sit when he is called. This is the only exercise in the basic obedience course taught off-leash.


Private Instruction & Obedience


Private instruction is one-on-one individualized instruction for the dog owner with their dog by a Master Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist at Acadia Canine Academy or at your choice of location such as your home.  This is very specialized one-on-one dog training that you will not get from a general dog trainer. This training is not done as many other trainers do, in a class setting for a reduced rate. We do not offer any training that is in a communal class setting as we believe that training must be on an individual basis tailored to the individual person and their dog. Here at Acadia Canine Academy, you get what you pay for, value for your dollar.


We offer private dog training for behavior modification for behavioral issues that you may have with your dog. Many times we will make a home environment evaluation of the animal’s home and the family, (pack hierarchy). A behavioral analysis is then done with recommendations made to the pet owner. This many times will also require behavioral modification of the dogs owners through our coaching to break dogs of bad habits that the owners do not even realize they inadvertently create. Sometimes referrals to a Veterinarian are made for medical intervention depending on the behavior of the animal.


Private Instruction is not limited to obedience and remedial solutions such as problem-solving. Private Instruction can also be proactive and preventative instruction to the dog owner so as to avoid the pitfalls that many dog owners end up in with their new family member. This can involve home environment assessment or remote location environment assessment. Essentially, this is an evaluation of how your dog interacts socially and environmentally at home, and away from home. Many dogs, at a young age are not environmentally socialized. All too often, humans misinterpret what socialization means in its entirety. Socialization is not solely about interactions with human beings. Socialization includes interacting with the dogs environment, different weather conditions, different ground surfaces, different sounds, different smells, different visual observations, and interactions with various species.


We offer evaluations of your canine’s temperament which is comprised of (8) eight instinctual drives and recommendations for modifications through training and diet to find a harmonious balance of the instinctual drives of your canine. This, a “dog trainer” cannot provide to you. He or she does not have that expertise. This expertise comes from years of breeding, and training and competing canines in the Schutzhund Dog Sport that requires the canine to perform at his or her optimal levels as an Olympian Athlete and a concise diet where a single pound can make the difference between success and failure.


Through Private Instruction, we also provide proven regimens for nutritional wellness and body weight reduction of your canine pets and working dogs. A dog’s nutritional wellness is always important to the overall temperament of the animal. We do offer telephone “Private Instruction” in coaching proper diet and exercise for your canine. We also offer telephone advisement at the below hourly rate and will conduct an interview over the telephone and do a workup for you of your canine that will be similar to this evaluation of Assessment of Nishi


Private Instruction is also available for personal protection on an hourly rate as is all other Private Instruction but pricing varies as there are inherent risks of personal injury when the training involves a dog that bites.


Private Instruction Hourly Rates for all other:…………… $144.00 per hour

Private Instruction Hourly Rates for Protection:…………..$180.00 per hour

*Pricing does not include NYS tax

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