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Dog Training in Albany, New York

For dog training in Albany, New York, look no further than Jim Stile at Acadia Canine Academy. Since the early ‘90s, he has dedicated his life to training dogs for competition, for protection, and to be great home companions. He has won numerous awards and trophies from competitions in events testing various skills from his extremely well-trained canines, and he has transferred those skills into three training programs available to everyone.


Acadia Canine Academy’s Programs for Dog Training in Albany, New York


Board and Train  

In the board and train program, Jim hosts your dog at his home for two, three, or four weeks to ensure your dog is trained in the proper environment. Your dog will spend most of their life within the bounds of your home, so teaching them manners and skills in a home environment will help ensure behavioral success back at your personal home. Throughout this process, Jim will focus on teaching your dog or puppy manners and behavior modification to address unwanted jumping, excessive barking, chewing and more. These dog training sessions will be completed in a one-on-one setting to get them into tip-top shape before it’s time for their owners to pick them up.

Private Instruction

In this eight-week one-on-one training, Jim will teach your dog basic obedience and educate you on how to command and control your dog or puppy for the future when you aren’t in class. This course is open to dogs and puppies with ages ranging from five months and up. These trainings will occur at our dog training facility, but if the training needs to take place at your home, there will be an extra fee for travel time. Contact us for more information on home lessons. 

Personal Protection Training

Our private personal protection training is available for dogs nine months and older. These trainings will involve getting your dog to bark on command at any strangers, people, or animals you direct it to. Your dog will also be completely obedience trained and will learn how to bark and defend their handler and family by biting and holding suspects.  

For more information on dog training in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, contact us today

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