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Client Testimonials

5 Star Review
"Where can I begin I met Jim Stile when I was training my 3 year old pup to become a service dogMy dog is a cockerpoo and she’s just the sweetest most adorable dog. I have never heard her bark Her birthday is in April and when she came home in June she was like an old soul I thought she would be a problem with July 4 but she never complained about the noise This is the 25th animal for my husband of 64 years and myself so we felt having her become a service dog was a good idea with both of oh our late 80s and having some health issues and after meeting Jim would be a good idea and after meeting Jim we knew it would be a great team He was so patient and helpful that Pix took to him right away and she is now a certified service dog We are so happy with the results and will always be grateful to Jim Stile"
"We brought our dog to Jim as we were going away on vacation and I could not leave my crazy jumping golden retriever puppy with my parents in their late eighties. You know that Jim loves the animals when you come and meet him and he tells you how he’s going to work with your dog and how to feed him etc.. Well, we came back from vacation and we have a completely different dog. He is very, very loving, but he is no longer crazy. I am very glad we brought our dog to Gym and I believe our dog was treated very well while he was with Jim fed very well and socialized very well. We are very happy with Jim’’s services at Acadia."
"Here is a man with an in-depth understanding of animals and their behavior. This is a person with a true love for animals. Combined these traits are magnificent producing tremendous results!"
"I recently contacted Jim Stile with regards to rehoming a very special gsd. Although, Jim did not want the dog, he spoke with me several times a day for a few days. He reached out to friends and other breeders. Jim had nothing to gain from helping me. He was making no money from me, he probably lost money talking with me so often. Yet, he spent a few hours of his time talking to me and trying to help. I can not say enough about how helpful he was. I would definitely recommend reaching out to him if you want a quality gsd or need a quality trainer." Above Average Guy
"Wild child Tamed. I recently adopted a Rescue Husky puppy named Angie, who I immediately knew I was meant to take care of. I had Huskies in the past and felt I could really give Angie a wonderful forever home. Once she arrived and settled in I realized that Angie had a few behavioral issues, which were concerning because she would be around my 20 month old granddaughter. I had traveled to the Hudson Valley New York area to not only visit with my daughter and her family, but also to find a new home, as I would be relocating there from Boston. I knew that Angie required more expert training than I was able to provide and that's when I stumbled upon Acadia Canine Academy in Kingston, New York. Jim, right away, was able to assess that Angie had a high energy drive which he would help her with. He reassured me that she was not aggressive or nervous, but just needed additional training to work through her issues. He was great with Angie and provided me with a wealth of information regarding her motivation. I truly appreciated that he was a very calming force not only with Angie, but also to me over the separation anxiety I was experiencing while Angie was in training. He not only gave me progress reports but he also sent me videos of my dog during her training lessons. It was comforting to see her progress with each new session. JIm was really a miracle worker for Angie. She's back home now and doing great. Angie is still the wonderful high energy dog I adopted, but she is listening more and the behavioral issues are dissipating. Jim is the best trainer I have ever encountered and I can't sing his praises enough! Thank you again Jim!"
"Jim is the absolute best! I have an adopted pit/boxer mix and the work Jim did with Warren was fantastic."
"Jim and Ethan love dogs not $$$" Deb J.
"We were on the verge of giving up on our Cane Corso. At ten months old she had high anxiety and a fear drive that was sad to watch and difficult to manage. Jim at Acadia helped guide us to a resolution. He made sure we weren’t just paying for a service that was going to end up with no results. We needed to get our pup on medication to ease her anxiety. We then brought her back to Acadia hoping for the best. Low and behold after 2 weeks with Acadia, our pup came home a completely different dog. It actually feels great knowing our pup has evolved into an amazing, well trained Cane Corso. Our family feels blessed. The Acadia team cares about the dogs that enter their doors. It’s a different level of service and this team becomes part of your pack! Thank you Jim and the Acadia team!" Customer Review
"Working with Jim was wonderful. He helped my girlfriend and I have our dogs meet for the first time as my dog historically has not gotten along with other dogs. He was thoughtful and explained each thing he was doing as he was doing it. Everything he said felt extremely knowledgeable and helped train myself and my partner to be better dog owners as much as it helped train our dogs! I felt very safe and that our dogs were safe the whole time we were working with him. It felt like Jim genuinely cares about the work he does and it showed in the way he interacted with our dogs. I will be going back here to help with all my dog training needs."
"Sending your puppy to boot camp is a scary thing. After 3 weeks my Boston Terrier came home a new happy dog without biting & destroying our home. And whenever I need to kennel her, she goes to Jim Stile and returns home happier & a little better behaved than before."
"A wonderful experience! I was intrigued by the home environment but after meeting with Mr. Stiles (Jim), I was certain that ACA was truly the best around! Jim is not only a great asset to the canine community but has a rare devotion for all canines alike. I will certainly be referring to ACA!" Alyssa
"James with ACA K9 Enterprises is absolutely amazing. KJ had no training whatsoever he was wild and out of control. KJ stayed with ACA K9 Enterprises for three weeks and I am so pleased with his progress. I recommend ACA K9 for all of your dogs training needs." Colleen B.
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