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Client Testimonials

5 Star Review
"Jim and Ethan love dogs not $$$" Deb J.
"We were on the verge of giving up on our Cane Corso. At ten months old she had high anxiety and a fear drive that was sad to watch and difficult to manage. Jim at Acadia helped guide us to a resolution. He made sure we weren’t just paying for a service that was going to end up with no results. We needed to get our pup on medication to ease her anxiety. We then brought her back to Acadia hoping for the best. Low and behold after 2 weeks with Acadia, our pup came home a completely different dog. It actually feels great knowing our pup has evolved into an amazing, well trained Cane Corso. Our family feels blessed. The Acadia team cares about the dogs that enter their doors. It’s a different level of service and this team becomes part of your pack! Thank you Jim and the Acadia team!" Customer Review
"Jim really helped me with training my 3 dogs. Very easy to work with and so knowledgeable." Eric J.
"I contacted Jim with regard to our dog Blue, a mini-sheepadoo. We struggled to take Blue's invisible fence collar on and off, he was a challenge for the groomer, and he was showing signs of possessiveness. After a 90-minute phone call with Jim, I was pleased and surprised - I felt hopeful about Jim's program and could not believe he only recommended Blue staying for the two week program. After two days, Jim contacted me and recommended starting Blue on prozac for his nerves. While we would not see any results of the medication before the two week visit ended, Jim felt it was best for Blue to start it as soon as possible. My wife and I picked Blue up after two weeks. Since the initial stay at Acadia Canine Academy, in conjunction with the meds, Blue is a new dog. Jim's program has helped Blue to trust my family. Jim helped my wife and I to be more confident in our commands with Blue. I firmly believe that Blue feels like he is a part of our "pack", and my wife and I demonstrate that we are the leaders of the "pack" - all a part of Jim's philosophy. We have also used Jim to "board" our dog while on vacation. It was comforting to be away from Blue knowing that he was in good hands, and that the commands and habits were being reinforced in Blue. We are grateful for Jim, and are in love with our dog!" SW G.
"A wonderful experience! I was intrigued by the home environment but after meeting with Mr. Stiles (Jim), I was certain that ACA was truly the best around! Jim is not only a great asset to the canine community but has a rare devotion for all canines alike. I will certainly be referring to ACA!" Alyssa
"James with ACA K9 Enterprises is absolutely amazing. KJ had no training whatsoever he was wild and out of control. KJ stayed with ACA K9 Enterprises for three weeks and I am so pleased with his progress. I recommend ACA K9 for all of your dogs training needs." Colleen B.
"I have a Newfoundland puppy, previously i had him with another trainer which was an absolute nightmare. We were lucky enough to find Acadia Canine Academy, my dog was 14 months old when he arrived at the academy he was very misbehaved he thought he was the boss, constantly pulling when being walked outside, jumping up on you to play, he wouldn’t listen to anything we said. Once we picked him up he was a totally different dog he listens and behaves. If anybody has a dog that has any problems not listening not behaving James is the guy to go to for your dog to be trained he is amazing. Not only is James a wonderful person to talk to, he has a lot of patiences as well as him developing a strong bond between him and the dog. When I picked my dog up I didn’t think he wanted to leave." Giovanna A.
"Jim was awesome with my Biscuit! He is a totally different dog and i couldn't be happier. I initially did the board and training for 2 weeks and unfortunately got Covid and Jim was more than accommodating and understanding. I had to insist on paying more for the additional 1 week +. Thank you Jim." Kenneth K.
"I recently contacted Jim Stile with regards to rehoming a very special gsd. Although, Jim did not want the dog, he spoke with me several times a day for a few days. He reached out to friends and other breeders. Jim had nothing to gain from helping me. He was making no money from me, he probably lost money talking with me so often. Yet, he spent a few hours of his time talking to me and trying to help. I can not say enough about how helpful he was. I would definitely recommend reaching out to him if you want a quality gsd or need a quality trainer." Above Average Guy
"Our experience with. Jim was absolutely phenomenal. Jim is very professional and personable. He really made day and night difference in our dogs behavior. We highly recommend Jim." Shiv C.
"Great service! Dropped off my pit/terrier mix for the 2 week program and saw incredible results in terms of her obedience as well as comfort around things that would previously set her off. Would definitely recommend! James sent a detailed review of what he worked on with my dog every day. Additionally he showed me important tips and tricks to continue training after the two weeks were over." Matthew S.
"I would highly recommend Jim and Acadia Canine Academy if you are someone who is looking for honest, hands on training, and not just someone to tell you what to do and hope for the best. We did the two week board and train program with our 1 year old GSD who was having some reactivity issues. Upon meeting Jim he was anxious and weary, and when we picked him up he was licking his face haha. What I liked most was his no bells and whistles approach. Just honest training with an experienced true professional. Thanks again Jim!" Sarah R.
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