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Welcome To The Portal For Special Needs Dogs

If your dog is experiencing anxiety, you have come to the right place. We will discuss in-depth the causes and solutions to that which troubles your dog and resultantly, you and your family, and the public. A dog suffering from anxiety exhibits an amplified amount of defense drive, not what society all too often terms as aggression. It is exceptionally rare that a dog is truly aggressive. In over 30 years of training dogs, I have only encountered (5) five truly aggressive dogs that all needed to be euthanized.

My experience speaks volumes...
My efforts are for the dogs that suffer unnecessarily.

Take it for what you want, but here I am at 4:00 a.m. writing this content for this portal for the benefit of these dogs that continue to suffer. My efforts are for the dogs that suffer unnecessarily. The owners quite often wish to remain in denial and become offended when faced with the truth of an expert such as myself. I have become some owners’ targets of wrath with them posting negative Google reviews and other tactics of maliciousness which is nothing more than their way of venting their pent-up frustration and anger over that which I have had nothing to do with. Human behavior quite often is to avoid the truth and/or facts. I understand their frustration, that they are prey to these profiteering veterinarians, and the veterinarians that remain clueless in their self-imposed blissfulness of ignorance while they continue to “practice veterinary medicine” and profiteer from the poor clueless pet owners who put trust in these practitioners. 


Oh yes, I am controversial, but I see things from their proper perspective. It’s called wisdom. Why not call it as it is, as experience has shown me? Why would I be writing this? To placate the public and propagate falsehoods for personal gain? Not in your life! Too much of my time has been graciously given to speaking to pet owners about these special needs dogs, and to what end? To find myself in conflict with them and their veterinarian’s opinions? And the pet owners' beliefs, not established on factual scientific evidence, but upon speculation, and conjecture? These pet owners need a forum for communication with owners of dogs that are afflicted similarly to their own dogs, to share their experiences with each other with these troubled pets that they dearly love, no different than if they were their own children. I don’t need to spend my valuable time to be the mediator. Communicate with each other and find out the truth. Learn from each other’s experiences. The shared experience becomes wisdom.


Yes, you are paying for access to this portal, but the proceeds pay for the creation of, and maintenance of this invaluable wealth of knowledge base for you to find answers and hopefully solutions to that which you share with your pets, pain and suffering. Many dogs, no different than human beings, are predisposed to genetic anomalies. There are humans that suffer from many genetic/hereditary ailments such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and bipolar disorders. Dogs are no different. 


 This portal gives you the ability to communicate with other pet owners that have “special needs dogs” such as yourself. This is an invaluable tool. Use it wisely, and learn about other people’s experiences with their dogs. Do not take one person’s word as law. Do your due diligence. Veterinarians do not live with these dogs 24/7. They only see them at an office visit. 

Canines need help more so than people because they suffer for longer than humans as the diagnosis does not happen quickly/early enough for dogs due to a number of factors.


We believe we are the first to offer this type of forum for owners of dogs that we term simply as “special needs dogs”. What we mean by special needs, are dogs that either suffer from, "genetically weak nerves", and/or trauma. We put great emphasis on the word suffer! We, professional dog trainers/animal behaviorists, identify these dogs as “spooks". They are ridden with fear, all to varying degrees, and their resulting behaviors, for the most part, emanate out of fear. The resulting behaviors have confounded the pet owner. The general public pet purchaser only sees a cute puppy, and yes, they are all cute and adorable. With more than 30 years of training dogs, and breeding dogs for good genetics, I believe that I am a true authority on this subject matter.

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