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Private Personal Protection Dogs

James Stile training a dog
2007 North American dog training competition

Private Personal Protection

Private Personal Protection Training

(9 months and older)

At Acadia Canine Academy, we provide personal protection dog training to those looking to get their canine trained to protect you and your family by one of the best dog trainers in the world. Jim Stile has been training dogs since 1990 and is ready to help.  

24 Personalized Private Lessons: $4,800.00+tax

Through this training, your dog is trained to bark on command aggressively towards any stranger, person, or animal you direct the dog to. Additionally, your dog is completely obedience trained with levels of sociability and control and will attack an aggressor on command, defend its handler (you) and your family by biting and holding the suspect. This trained and controlled behavior provides you with the ability to protect yourself and family members should the need ever arise. Having a trained protection dog can mean the difference between catastrophe and peace. If you need personal protection dog training, look no further than Jim Stile at Acadia Canine Academy.  

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Private Personal Protection

The Curriculum

The commands that are included in the personalized private one-on-one course are:

WATCH: This command is the command that is given to alert your dog to bark aggressively and to protect you and your family.

GRIP: This is the command that is given when you send your dog so he can make physical contact by biting and holding the suspect.

OUT:The command that is given to release.

Curriculum includes:

24 private one-on-one class courses

Life time follow up discounted refresher lessons

*A pre-registration interview may be required as well as proof of vaccinations.

*Our Basic Obedience course is pre-required for this program.

*The price for this private one-on-one personal protection dog training course is $4,320.00 and must be paid in full at the beginning of this program. 


Personal Protection Training

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