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These are leashes made for professional dog trainers.

We offer two lengths and types of leashes. Both are handmade and cannot be bought in stores.

Leashes are handmade not machine made of the best quality of leather that money can buy.

Leather is 1/4 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide for large dogs.

We have 1/4 inch thick and 3/8 inch wide for small dogs.

Both gauges of leather leashes come in two lengths, 4 & 6 feet.

The 4 foot leash has superior brass hardware and has a ring in the handle to allow for the leash to be conformed to attach around the chest area for easy on and off attachment & removal for training purposes.

The 4 foot leash is your classic training leash and has superior brass hardware.

The 6 foot leash is for your traditional dog walking purpose and also has superior brass hardware. Both leashes come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee against any defects in workmanship.

Guarantee is void for leashes chewed through by dog or out of the ordinary use.

When ordering, you must specify width and length.

6' Handmade Leather Leash

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