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What To Expect From Dog Obedience Classes

What To Expect From Dog Obedience Classes

When you sign your pup up for their first-ever obedience training course, it’s difficult to know what it’ll involve. After all, every trainer tends to run their class differently, and some dogs will benefit from certain practices more than others. So if you’re looking to maximize the amount of effect each class will have, it’s vital that you understand the basics before going in. This is what to expect from dog obedience classes and how your attitude going into the process can make all the difference for man’s best friend.

General Insight Into Your Dog’s Behavior

Your dog isn’t the only one who will learn something in a designated obedience course. In fact, owners need to process just as much information—if not more. For training to be most effective, it helps to have a fundamental understanding of what motivates your pup’s behavior. Maybe it’s their need for play or the fact that they want your attention and affirmation. Either way, these courses will let you know why your dog does what they do and how to use that to your advantage during training.

Training Using Verbal Commands and Hand Signals

You can also expect hands-on training practices with your pet. Dogs can best process specific commands when you utilize both verbal and physical cues. As such, your instructor will teach you the proper ways to speak and position yourself for the commands to come across clearly. While many basic actions like sit or stay might be obvious, there are several other varieties you can learn to expand your dog’s comprehensive vocabulary.

How To Properly Reward Your Pet

Professional obedience courses will even cover when and how to properly reward your pet. Many behavioral lapses occur, especially in a dog’s early years, because you’re accidentally rewarding bad habits. To help prevent this, trainers will instruct you on when to give your pup their treat; typically, this will follow the completion of the desired activity. In knowing how to reward your dog, you can cut down on instances where you’re encouraging negative behavior and maintain peace in the home.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

One of the most important things you can expect from dog obedience classes, though, is constant repetition of your training exercises. Few dogs take to their training on the first try, and it’s vital that you’re keeping up with this activity both in and out of class. The more you expose them to consistent commands, the faster they’ll pick up on them and act accordingly. With enough practice, they’ll come to react exactly as you need them to.

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