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Reasons Why Dog Obedience Training Is Important

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Reasons Why Dog Obedience Training Is Important

It’s no secret that training your new dog can be a struggle. From having to repeat yourself several times to keeping up with their bad habits and correcting them, it’s no wonder that this process is frustrating. However, as hard as it can be at the time, training is a vital step in developing a peaceful and happy relationship with your pet. Here are a few reasons why dog obedience training is important and why you should dedicate yourself to sticking with it.

Provides Vital Mental Stimulation

Firstly, training provides your dog with the mental stimulation they need to feel fulfilled. While many tend to think that dogs are happy if you play with and pet them, the reality is that they can develop boredom too. Dogs are highly intelligent animals, and they require mental exercise along with physical to acquire a sense of satisfaction. So, keeping up with your dog’s training provides them with that extra job to do and ensure that they continue learning.

Improves Social Ability

Training also helps better your dog’s social skills. While the degree of your dog’s social prowess depends on their specific temperament, dogs, by nature, aim to be around other people and animals. Teaching them the proper ways to interact with others is the key to ensuring they do so in a safe way. Otherwise, you risk play quickly turning into something dangerous for everyone involved. Because of this, social training is crucial for improving your dog’s ability to form positive relationships.

Promotes Your Pet’s Safety

As briefly touched on previously, another reason why dog obedience training is important relates to your pet’s overall safety. Since dogs have several instinctual drives that act as the sole basis for their behavior, some of these habits can put them in danger. For instance, chasing an animal into the street can be a hazard for both them and you. But in training them to come when called, you can gain control of the situation and keep them out of harm’s way.

Creates Understanding Between Pet and Owner

Above all, though, sticking with your dog’s training helps develop a deeper understanding between you and them. Because training involves the use of specific words and gestures to communicate commands, it becomes easier for your pet to recognize what you want them to do. Over time, this helps them effectively follow your instructions and eases your own frustration. As a result, the trust between you and your dog is much higher, and your bond is much stronger as well.

If you’re looking to promote a better relationship between you and your dog, Acadia Canine Academy can help. Our unique dog boarding and training program establishes a solid groundwork of commands and basic obedience training. This way, you can learn everything you need to know and continue training your dog with confidence once you bring them home.


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