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How To Stop Behavior Problems in Dogs

How To Stop Behavior Problems in Dogs

Undesirable behaviors can be easy for your pup to develop. Whether it be chewing and jumping or excessive barking or whining, they can start before you even realize it and only worsen as your pet gets older. Fortunately, many of these habits come from a set of well-known factors, including a lack of confidence, extra energy, or simple boredom. Correcting these things now will be the key to a more positive lifestyle for them down the line. This is how to stop behavior problems in dogs and keep them from coming back.

Keep Your Dog Active

One of the first things you can do is incorporate more exercise into your dog’s day. Oftentimes, dogs act out when they have too much excess energy and need ways to burn it. This is most commonly seen in hyperactive puppies or working breeds like the German shepherd or Siberian husky. So, increasing the length of your pet’s walks or even taking them to the dog park to let off some steam can be very impactful. The extra activity will tire them out and discourage them from partaking in their previous habits.

Reduce Their Temptation

It also helps to eliminate situations where your dog even feels tempted to misbehave. Though this isn’t always possible depending on the item, keeping the objects your dog likes to destroy out of reach will ensure they’re protected. Over time, your pet will learn that they need to find other toys, and you can reintroduce them to their intended playthings. It’s recommended that you experiment with different toys, too, so that your dog doesn’t become bored and shift their attention back to your shoes.

Only Reward Positive Behaviors

Another way to stop behavior problems in dogs is to make sure you’re only rewarding good habits. All too frequently, owners inadvertently reward their pets for performing a negative action. Pushing them down after jumping, for instance, can encourage them to do it again because your dog sees your reaction as both attention and play. As such, it’s vital that you’re aware of what your dog values so that you can give it to them when they’ve earned it.

Be Consistent With Training

Above all, it’s important that you stay on track with your pup’s training. Understanding the basic commands is essential to getting your dog under control when they’re acting out. In fact, the more disciplined and obedient they are, the less likely it is that they’ll form bad habits at all. For this reason, strengthening the bond you have with them through training will only work to your benefit when it comes to keeping them behaved.

We at Acadia Canine Academy see poor behavioral habits as an opportunity to double down on a dog’s basic training. In our private dog training classes, we approach every case with patience and care, allowing you to learn what’s making your dog act out and reestablish positive alternatives for them. Our training experts will work one-on-one with your dog to reteach the proper responses and provide you with advice on how to keep these behaviors from returning.


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