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Breeding: You Get What You Pay For

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

I am convinced that veterinarians are the least educated on the diagnosis and treatment of this all-too-common affliction of canines. This is not my opinion, it is my learned experience over decades of interacting with canines and their owners and hearing owners’ experiences with their veterinarians combined with my own personal experience with veterinarians. I’ll give one example that speaks powerfully. In the 1990’s I was breeding German Shepherds of excellent genetics that I had imported from Europe. When it comes to breeding stock of canines, you get what you pay for! If you think you are going to get good genetics by paying $500.00 for a dog, you are a fool. Down the line, you will end up with thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills for genetic anomalies. The same holds true for, and more so for dogs that are adopted mixed breeds that do not evolve out of planned breedings of genetically sound dogs.

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