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Are Board and Train Programs the Best Option for Dogs?

Are Board and Train Programs the Best Option for Dogs?

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a more experienced one, it’s no secret that training your new companion is a must. But when puppy preschool or standard obedience training isn’t enough to help with certain behavior issues, you may need additional resources to get your pet on the track to success. Board and train programs are quickly rising in popularity. With their all-inclusive offerings and professional care, they’re turning the tables on bad habits, one dog at a time. If you’re still on the fence, read on to learn why board and train programs are the best option for dogs.

The Basics of Board and Train Programs

The fundamental premise of dog boarding and training curriculums is providing pets with a controlled, home-like environment where they can focus and learn. From the food that they eat to their daily play schedule, these programs look after it all so that your pup has their basic needs met. This way, they’re less likely to act out and more receptive to the training they’ll receive. When your dog has one-on-one training sessions with an experienced professional, there’s a greater chance for continual growth.

How This Impacts Dog Development

Like any animal, dogs have a set of instinctual needs that acts as the driving force for most of their behavior. Some of these requirements include a desire for food, play, and affection from you. As previously mentioned, board and train programs work with these needs and seek to fulfill them in your dog. This way, they’re no longer fighting for attention when it’s time for them to focus on obedience training. Because of this practice, it’s much easier for these programs to pave the way for your dog’s learning and teach you how to further this development at home.

Why You Should Consider Board and Train Programs

While you might feel hesitant to leave your pet in the care of others, board and train programs are the best option for dogs through the solid foundation they create. This two- to three-week period provides bountiful learning opportunities for both you and your pup, including access to qualified trainers with effective techniques. With this framework, you’ll have just what you need to build a trusting bond with your pet and maintaining moving forward.

So if you’re looking for a way to kickstart your dog’s training and eliminate some of their bad habits, Acadia Canine Academy can help. Unlike other boarding facilities, our dog obedience training takes place in a home. As such, the training process is immersive, with repetition instilling the behaviors you want your pet to demonstrate. We even use other dogs as mentors to assist in your dog’s training and start this process earlier in the day, another factor that makes us different from other facilities. Contact us to learn more about how we can get you and your dog on the path to a more peaceful relationship.


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