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Professional Dog Trainer Servicing
Richmond County - Staten Island 

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Your dog is an important part of the family, and we at Acadia Canine Academy make sure you can live in harmony. When it comes to puppy training, or training an adult dog it can be difficult for you and your dog to get on the same page. As such, our team of professional dog trainers servicing Richmond County works hard to foster a better understanding between you and your canine. With the aid of our specialized dog obedience training classes, you can learn all you need to know about your dog’s motivating drives and core behaviors. Not only does this make it easier to teach puppies and dogs key commands, but it also facilitates a closer bond between you both.

We understand how frustrating it can be to live with some of your dog’s bad habits. Whether it be jumping, barking, or chewing, these actions can cause friction between dogs and/or puppies and even the most patient of pet owners. Fortunately, we know the root causes of these problematic canine behaviors and, as such, can help you correct them in the most effective ways. Our dog trainers near Staten Island are educated in all the core instinctual drives of the canine species. This includes understanding their need for food, play, affection, and more. Utilizing this knowledge, our team crafts the perfect training regimen designed to appeal to these drives. This way, we can motivate stubborn pets to embrace the training and teach you how to keep their attention. 


Our dog training camp, otherwise known as our board and train program, is a several-week course that puts your dog in a natural environment where they can solely work on their obedience education. Our dog training facility is a family home, and we cater to a handful of dogs and puppies at a time. Here, your dog can learn how to properly behave in a realistic home setting, and we can establish a solid foundation of training for you to build on throughout the rest of your pup’s life.


If you’re interested in getting to know your dog’s educational needs and developing a stronger relationship with them in the process, consider reaching out to Acadia Canine Academy. Our professional dog trainers in the Staten Island, NY area, can help you get a jump start on your pet’s command comprehension and inform you of how to get the most out of every dog training session..

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