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Creating Better Relationships Between Dogs & Their Owners Through Professional Dog Training Services 

A well-trained dog is a happy dog that’s part of a happy pack and family. Acadia Canine’s professional dog training services in Kingston, New York, have been in the business for over 30 years, and we use time-tested methods to train dogs. We help dogs of all ages develop good behavior and skills, so they can live their best lives. Professional dog obedience training builds well-rounded canines that are social, polite, and happy. ACA K9 has boarding and training programs available. In short, you can leave your dog at our facility, and we’ll take care of the rest. Look at our dog behavior training services, and contact us to schedule your dog’s training today. 

Dog trainer James Stile
2007 North American 446
Dog traing award


Jim Stile

Master Dog Trainer, Animal Behaviorist

Master Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist Jim Stile has been offering professional dog training services since 1990. Dog behavior training is an art. He began with Rottweiler’s in the early ‘90s, training obedience, guard-dogs, and protection dogs. From 2000 to 2008, he has trained and competed GSD’s (German Shepherd Dogs) in a competitive worldwide sport known as Schutzhund, now known as IGP. His achievements are notable and many in the competitive arena. He has trained and competed with the best dog trainers in the world on a National Championship Level numerous times placing in the top 10 and as good as 3rd Place National Champion in the 2007 USA German Shepherd Dog National Championships. This National Championship proved to be the deciding competition that competition was political when Jim was cheated out of 1st place being a New Yorker and the competition being held in the South. The only benefit of training and competing at this highest level of dog training was the blessing of having trained with the best in the world such as Fritz Biehler, and Helmut Raiser, and numerous other super stars.


In 2007, Jim and his canine Xablitz Von Sulieseraad SCH3, IPO3, FH1, and KKL2 (Blitz) were National Vice-Champion (2nd place) in tracking. In 2008, he qualified and was selected to represent the USA in the FCI World Championship held in Belgium.


Jim has bred and trained many GSD canines for law enforcement agencies. Jim also does special training of canines for the handicapped and disabled. He has trained and placed numerous canines with handicapped persons around the USA such as in Maine, Tennessee, Massachusett, Connecticut, Florida and New York. These canines are qualified to travel through major International airports, go into hospitals and many other public venues. The training of canines for the handicapped//disabled has been for Autistic children, wheelchair bound persons, persons with psychiatric conditions, veterans with physical and psychological disabilities, persons with mobility problems and persons that have episodes of passing out without notice or seizures.

Since the tragic event of September 11, 2001, dog training services took a new direction for Acadia Canine Academy and numerous other dog trainers. As our country became more security conscious, the need for canine security services became more in demand and training transitioned towards Personal Protection Security and Executive Protection Security dogs for the general public who would protect individuals and their families who had become more at risk. There also evolved a demand for canines to thwart future terrorist attacks through odor detection of explosive materials and detection of deadly weapons. These canines came into serious demand not only in the United States but also internationally and are commonly known as T.E.D.D. Tactical Explosive Detection Dogs, and T.W.D.D. Tactical Weapons Detection Dogs. Based upon this newfound international demand, Acadia Canine Academy transitioned out of the competitive dog sport arena, and service dogs for the handicapped and began to focus more on the security services industry of canines. As then years progressed, Jim's true passion evolved into training pet dogs, realizing the joy of making happy owners and families.


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1-on-1 Training

& Board and Train


Private Instruction

Hourly obedience and 1-on-1 dog training services for focused and personal canine training. This is best fit for dogs who need to be trained without distraction.

Board & Train

Two, three, and four week board and train sessions for incredible results. Your dog stays at our facility for in-home training as well as constant and continuous dog behavior training.

Personal Protection

24 private lessons with your canine focused completely on personal protection. Canines are trained to manage aggression and bark on command when presented with a perpetrator.

Temperament Evaluation

Through this dog behavior training program, Acadia Canine Academy will evaluate the aggression and defense thresholds of your dog.

Special Purposes & LEO Evaluation

Acadia Canine Academy will complete a thorough evaluation of your dog to determine whether he/she is ready for special purposes & LEO.


Dog Owner Recommended

Rick & Tung Testimonial

Rick & Tung

"Jim Stile, you are a good friend and I will always be grateful for your training abilities with your German Shepherds and the joy that you brought into my life with providing Tung as a service animal and companion."

Natasha & Maximums Testimonial

Natasha & Maximus

"We started working with Jim when Max was just 6 months old, and had a wonderful training experience. Max has become a true companion, and always makes our family feel safe and secure. I highly recommend protection training with Jim!"

Connie & Crew Testimonial

Connie, Hakuna & Dawa

"I purchased both of my dogs from Jim when they were just puppies. He has a true love for dogs, especially German Shepherds, and a passion for training. He is great at what he does, and his knowledge is unmatched. Thank you Jim!" 

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