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Due to supply-chain price increases, the increased quality of our facility, and our amenities, and other varying economic factors, we find it absolutely necessary to increase our prices to stay in sync with our ever changing and uncertain economy. We still remain to be more afforable than the competition! We give value for your dollar.

Due to our uniqueness of a home environment as opposed to a kennel and what we offer in our board and train programs, the fact that you are placing your dog not only with a dog trainer but also an animal behaviorist that is studied in and has taught the behaviors of canines, we at Acadia Canine Academy encourage you to check out other dog trainers. Explore what they offer for basic obedience in comparison to what we offer and the value for your dollar you will get with us.

We will now detail to you what we offer as a regular board and train program.

  1. Our methodology in basic obedience board & train is conducted with positive reinforcement through the reward system with food, praise and toys, after we do a thorough assessment of your dog’s temperament.  *We do not use compulsion with electric and prong collars.*

  2. We train your dog in manners and respect such as, he or she must sit back from any entry or exit door until it is commanded to go through.

  3. We train your dog that the use of his paws and jaws in expression of affection are unacceptable behaviors as that can cause injury to you, your children and others.

  4. We train your dog to leave the kitchen on command and not to counter surf.

  5. We train your dog not to drink out of the toilet bowl.

  6. We take your dog’s temperature and do fecal inspections daily.

  7. We provide a sanitary environment by vacuuming and mopping daily and launder your dog’s bedding as needed.

  8. We bathe and brush your dog prior to coming home as a courtesy.

  9. We teach and imprint the structure of the pack hierarchy so that it may be transferred over to you and that you are respected as the pack leader.

  10. Allowing for the temperament of your dog, we make regular visits to PetSmart, Lowe’s Home-Improvement store, and Walmart.

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