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The Benefits of a Board and Train Program

The Benefits of a Board and Train Program

We all want to think that we can handle training our pets on our own; however, in some situations, this might not be possible. Fortunately, dog boarding and training services can help. These facilities house your pet in a new environment and care for them while simultaneously teaching them how to behave. So, though you might be hesitant about sending your canine away for a couple of weeks, there are several important advantages you gain by doing so. These are some of the benefits of a board and train program and what you can expect from these services.

Establishes a Strong Routine

First and foremost, boarding your dog provides them with structure in that they become set into a routine. They wake up, get fed, let out, and trained at the same times each day. Dogs often thrive in such environments because they feel as though they’ve been given a purpose and a place within the structure of a home. As such, ensuring all their needs are met with this regimen sets the stage for more effective training sessions.

Consistent Instruction From a Professional

These programs also supply your dog with 24/7 instruction from an experienced training professional. When it comes to establishing good behavioral habits within our pets, it all begins with setting a solid base to fall back on. This means consistent reinforcement of basic commands and an understanding of how to keep the dog’s attention. Professional dog trainers know these practices very well and will work with your pet one-on-one to ensure they’re always receiving the instruction they need.

Provides Socialization With Other Dogs

Another benefit of a board and train program is that your dog receives more frequent interaction with other canines. Socialization is a crucial part of their development, and, as such, simply having regularly scheduled playtime with other boarders is a great way to promote engagement. This form of exposure will also help reduce aggression since your dog will be learning about social cues and appropriate play from their peers.

Saves You Time Later on

But ultimately, signing your pup up for a board and train program saves you the time you would otherwise be spending to train them on your own. As previously mentioned, these services set the groundwork for keeping your dog open and engaged with the training process. This means they’ll absorb information much quicker and recognize commands more readily. So, even after you take them home, they’ll still be in the optimal state of mind to learn from you.

If you’re looking for boarding services and top-notch training for your dog, Acadia Canine Academy is just what you need. Our dog boarding and training program is like no other in that we offer a cozy at-home environment, small class sizes, and affordable rates for all our participating pet parents. We also carefully craft the dog’s diet during their stay to ensure they’re always getting the proper nutrients for learning and activity. We’re confident that your pup will be able to gain these benefits and more from their stay.


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