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Detrimental Dog Training Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Detrimental Dog Training Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Training your dog can be an incredibly complex process—one that there’s no singular solution for. After all, each dog is different, and, therefore, no two training experiences are going to be exactly alike. Still, there are a few common errors that owners tend to make with their pets. Believe it or not, you could even be making them yourself. These are a few detrimental dog training mistakes you need to avoid to best ensure good behavior and obedience.

Putting Off Training Your Dog

Getting a new pet can be a hectic time for anyone. However, you shouldn’t let this hold you back from starting the training process as soon as possible. Proper training requires time, and setting the groundwork while your puppy is still young can work to your advantage. Waiting until they’re older increases the chances of them developing problematic behaviors that can be very difficult to break. So, you want to make sure you’re training your dog as soon as they come home with you.

Being Inconsistent

Over time, it’s also common for dog owners to ease up on their dog’s training practices. This could mean failing to correct bad habits when you see them or giving your pet conflicting commands. While some slip-ups are inevitable, consistency and structure are the keys to lasting success. As such, it’s vital that you continuously correct your dog when they’re misbehaving and that you’re doing so in the same way each time. This will prevent any confusion on the part of your pet and let them know that you will not tolerate certain actions.

Fostering Bad Habits

Another detrimental dog training mistake you need to avoid is inadvertently reinforcing bad behavior. Rewarding your pet doesn’t always involve giving them a treat. In fact, things like attention, affection, and play are other forms of currency that your dog is striving to obtain. Because of this, many owners find themselves rewarding bad behavior over good—which only makes their pets act out more. Some examples of this would be comforting them when they’re barking or trying to pull at something they’ve gotten ahold of. Your dog will perceive these actions as affection or play and will continue them in the future.

Giving Up

But the number one mistake that dog owners make is eventually giving up on training altogether. Successful training will require proper reinforcement throughout the entirety of your pet’s life. As such, stopping part-way through is one of the surest ways to encourage destructive behaviors. Fortunately, even frustrated owners can still get the results they want with the right tools at their disposal.

Training your dog doesn’t need to be an arduous task. At Acadia Canine Academy, we provide every pet with the attention and consistency they need to succeed and provide you with the tools to further their development. Our dog obedience training courses cover all the fundamental commands and expose your dog to a series of different situations in which they’ll need to behave. These activities, combined with your patience and perseverance, will get your dog on the right track to good behavior.


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